Dove è il file di configurazione del mio script?

Location of Script Configuration Files: 4Images Gallery /config.php B2 Evolution /conf/_basic_config.php Boonex Dolphin /inc/ Coppermine Photo Gallery /include/ Cube Cart /includes/ dotProject /includes/config.php Drupal /sites/default/settings.php FAQMasterFlex /faq_config.php Gallery /config.php Geeklog /db-config.php /siteconfig.php /lib-common.php Joomla /configuration.php Mambo /configuration.php Moodle /config.php Noahs Classifieds /app/config.php Nucleus /config.php osCommerce /includes/configure.php /admin/includes/configure.php PHP-Nuke /config.php phpBB /config.php phpFormGenerator (only if you have saved form input to a database) /forms/admin/ PHPlist /config/config.php phpWCMS /include/inc_conf/ phpWebSite /conf/config.php PhpWiki /admin.php /lib/config.php Post-Nuke /config.php Siteframe /config.php SMF /Settings.php Soholaunch /sohoadmin/config/isp.conf.php TYPO3 /typo3conf/localconf.php vBulletin /includes/config.php WebCalendar /includes/settings.php WordPress /wp-config.php Xoops /mainfile.php Zen Cart /includes/configure.php /admin/includes/configure.php

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