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How can I create a new MySQL Database?

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MySQL databases can be created through your website's Control Panel with just a few clicks. Thanks to the MySQL Databases feature, you won't need to worry about assigning a user to your database or even setting permissions, unless you need some specific settings.

To start, just navigate to your MySQL Databases menu on your hosting account's Control Panel.

By using the Create a New MySQL Database And Database User form, you can easily create a database, as well as a user that will be assigned to it. By default, the user will have all of the permissions. Using the Generate option next to the password field is highly recommended for the most secure password.

On the same page, you will also notice the List of Current MySQL Databases And Use section. Your created databases can be fully managed there. You can change permissions for your user, make backups, remove the database and access phpMyAdmin for that database.