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Where can I find nameservers?

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Before you can use Your Domain with your Hosting Account, it has to point to the appropriate Nameservers.

In order to find out which Nameservers Your Domain should point to access the Control Panel of your Hosting Account. Search for the Details menu there.

At the very top of the newly opened page, You will find your Domains Nameserver Details. Your Domain has to point to these exact Nameservers before your Domain can start working with Your Hosting Account.


  • Your Domains Nameservers can only be set from your Domain Name Registrars side.
  • Some Domain Name Registrars do not allow their Domains to be pointed by Nameservers. In this case, your Domain has to point to your Account via the A Record (this record has to be set on the Registrars side). The IP Your Domain should point to is indicated under Your Website Details section on the same Details page (Website IP Adress) or at the very top of the Nameserver Details section.
  • Changes to Your Domains Nameservers will need 24-48 hours to fully propagate worldwide. Your website may experience issues during this propagation period.

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