PHP Hosting

PHP Hosting

Create and deploy PHP applications on high-performance servers.
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Single PHP Hosting

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  • 1 Sito Web
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  • 100 GB di traffico

Premium PHP Hosting

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  • Banda Illimitata
  • Backup Settimanali

Business PHP Hosting

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  • Tutte le caratteristiche Premium
  • Backup Giornalieri
  • Certificato SSL Gratuito

Lo sapevi? Il dominio gratuito personale è incluso nei piani hosting Premium e Business!

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Develop awesome PHP applications

Develop awesome PHP applications

Powerful and robust tools, that will let you get the most out of PHP hosting.

Git Integration

Enhance your workflow by deploying your applications directly from the public Git repository.

PHP Version Control

Switch between versions 5.2 to 7.2 and manage extensions with essential PHP values.

Gestore Accessi

Easily cooperate with multiple developers by granting them access to services of your choosing.


Laravel Hosting

One of the most popular PHP frameworks, Laravel is a powerful tool in the hands of every developer.

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Symfony Hosting

Symfony is a robust PHP framework that was used to develop Drupal, phpBB and many other popular web scripts.

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CodeIgniter Hosting

CodeIgniter - flexible, quick, efficient. A framework that powers many PHP applications all around the globe.

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Phalcon Hosting

Phalcon is the fastest PHP framework with extremely efficient resource usage. Fly with Phalcon today!

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Best PHP hosting experience guaranteed

Our tech engineers monitor all servers round the clock to ensure that the latest performance updates are at your disposal! And if you need any help, a dedicated team of support experts are eager to assist you 24/7!


HTTP/2 is enabled across all servers. Process more requests quicker!

Gestore Cache

Set up server-side caching to dramatically increase page speed.

Optimized Stack

Get the latest PHP and MySQL updates right at your doorstep.

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PHP Hosting FAQ

Our answers to the most frequently asked PHP hosting inquiries.

PHP, short for Hypertext Preprocessor, is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. Its primary use is web development, but many also use it as a general-purpose coding language. A user can embed PHP code directly to HTML pages or use various frameworks or web template systems (also called Content Management Systems). In short, PHP is the language that many webmasters use to communicate with databases and add unique functionality.

PHP hosting involves storing your scripts and applications on a remote server, which is managed and maintained by a host. It aims to provide the user with all the tools to set up the perfect environment for code development. From PHP version and limit control to Git integration, you’ll have every piece of the puzzle to produce clean and responsive code.

SSH access is included with all PHP hosting plans. Though it’s important to note that root access is not available and every package features a limited bash interface. But it does include most of the essential commands that every webmaster needs. You can check the supported command list by typing ‘help’ once you’re logged in via secure shell.

To protect you from various threats lurking on the web, we imbued our PHP hosting with custom firewall rules and a smart WAF layer. Stay protected against DDoS attacks, injections, brute force attempts and any other malicious activity that can hurt your website’s well-being. We also offer additional CloudFlare integration that adds an extra layer of security with a few nifty monitoring tools.

Of course! Safety always comes first. And to keep your files secure, we include automatic weekly backups with every PHP hosting plan (daily for the Business plan). All your files and databases are backed up separately and available for use or download within the control panel interface.